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Health Indicator                       Did you know that your hair is actually an indicator of your physical health? This is because your hair is one of the fastest growing tissues that are found in the body. From this you can see that any abnormalities which are found in the chemistry of your body will be detected in the growth and structure   of your hair. Some doctors have even wondered if it is possible to diagnose  a persons disease by examining their hair.                                                    

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How Fast Does Hair Grow?        This may seem like an easy question but estimates may differ because of different factors. For example, a persons age, sex, overall health and diet will affect the growth of their hair. Other factors such as genetics, hormonal changes, stress, medications, and other disease conditions will also affect your hair growth. However, on average, a persons hair may grow about half an inch every month.                                                                                                                                                 


                                              Washing Your Hair                              

While it is important to keep your hair washed and clean, its a good idea not to go overboard. If you wash your hair too much it can lose some of its texture  and elasticity. Haircare experts and beauticians usually recommend that  we wash our hair every two weeks if  we have dry hair. With other kinds of hair that are in a healthy condition we might shampoo it once a week or once   every ten days.


Soft water is better than hard water because soap often mixes with the chemicals found in hard water, this  produces a film residue that leaves the hair with a dull covering. A soap that's mild in detergent can reduce this problem with hard water, but many people have found that a detergent soap is not suitable for their type of scalp and hair. It is usually best to choose a shampoo that will be mild  and gentle on both.


Beauticians usually recommend a cream rinse after a shampoo, as it    can enhance the luster of your hair and seems to be effective for reconditioning it. 











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