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Styles of makeup vary from land to land. But a few general principles can be stated:

1. Consider Your Skin Type.

Since most teenagers have oily skin, you will likely want    to stick with water-based, oil-free makeups. These go on lighter, so you will look less made up. Many also feel that oily makeups aggravate acne.


2. Read Labels.

Compare the ingredients of low-price brands with the expensive versions. Perhaps the only real difference           is price and packaging. Reading labels is particularly  important if you have allergic reactions to makeup.

3. Use Makeup Sparingly.

Too much of even a good thing can be harmful. If your face virtually screams makeup! you are wearing too much or you are wearing colors that are too strong. Makeup that is overdone cheapens your appearance and may even give the wrong impression. So stick to subtle, not gaudy, shades. Master the techniques of makeup application so that blush does  not look like a painted streak across your face or eye shadow does not make you look like a raccoon.

4. Cleanse Your Face Thoroughly.

Says the book A Lifetime  of Beauty: Never go to sleep     at night without removing  every trace of makeup . . .   Habitually sleeping with a layer  of dirt, debris and dead  skin cells stuck to your face will leave your complexion looking muddy and dull. One dermatologist even claims  that you risk infection and irritation if you fail to clean off    all makeup each night before retiring. Use a makeup solvent, such as a cold cream, to cleanse your face.

5. Use Bright Lighting.

If the lighting is inadequate, you may put on too much makeup. Since makeup applied by fluorescent light may look harsh in sunlight, try applying your makeup near a window so you can see how it looks   in natural light.




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 Discoveryou.biz has makeup, Makeup products, how to apply makeup, and makeup tips. 

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