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Fig leaves? They were first on the fashion scene and inappropriate from the start.  Fig leaves were immodest.  But many women want to enhance their appearance, and yet to do that so many have to deal with those nasty little things called figure flaws!

Balance is the key word. By using proportion, color and       style, you can balance out the discrepancies, thus creating an illusion.

Proportion: You are trying to average out your overall   figure through clothing. Do not concentrate on one  particular flaw at the expense of putting everything else    out of proportion. Decide what you need to make you  appear larger or smaller, then fit your clothing so as to compensate.

Color: Proper use of color can also fool the eye. Some colors pick up your complexion, while others make it look washed    out. The eye will be attracted to a complimentary skin/color combination rather than to figure flaws.

Style: To test a style for modesty, stand in front of a full-length mirror, viewing yourself from all angles. Bend forward. Sit down. Cross your legs. In each position, did   the garment remain modest? Would you wear it to a job interview   or before prominent officials? Next stand before the mirror (or   a friend) with a bright light behind you. If the material is thin or slightly sheer, do your undergarments keep it modest when   the light hits you (as would sunlight or other strong light)? Or are they just as thin or sheer, thereby rendering the garment immodest? Do you feel comfortable in it? When in doubt, do without.

For overall balance some general guidelines are:

●  Dark colors slim and elongate

●  Bright colors tend to enlarge, attract the eye

●  All one color gives unbroken line that is long and lean

●  Tight clothes accentuate both underweight and overweight bodies. Fabric should skim the body to flow gracefully. Skirts and the like should fit smoothly to    middle of buttocks, then flow down, not hugging, touching   or cupping. For best looks and comfort, no matter what  size you are, clothing should be worn slightly loose.

●  Skirt length appropriate to leg if just skims back of leg    where calf begins to curve in. (About one to two inches below the knee.) However, many women are more comfortable with    a lower hemline. Hemlines too high cut legs short and may     be fig leaves if immodestly high. And consider, too, that in countries such as Burma or India a hemline revealing the ankles may qualify as a fig leaf.


Necessary Accessories

    Now add the finishing touches with accessories. These   should be uncluttered better understated than overdone.

    One magazine showed a basic, classic suit from which five completely different, but stunning, outfits were made by simply changing the accessories. And that is the key to dressing on a shoestring budget. Start with basic, classic styles, even if you own only one dress, streamlined to your shape and coloring, and then dress it up or down with jewelry, scarves, shawls, belts, handbags, jackets, stockings, shoes, and so forth. One does not need to own all these accessories; just one simple ribbon can create a new outfit and a happy mood!

    Like clothing, accessories should receive proper attention and fit the occasion. Scuffed, unpolished shoes would be fine for gardening but not for business appointments or dressy events. Check that there are no runs in your stockings. What about handbags? Are they tattered, torn and overstuffed, with straps taped together, or are they clean and comfortably filled? Broken, chipped fingernails with peeling nail polish will ruin the nicest outfit. And the loveliest of appearances can be lost if hair, hats or wigs are not clean, neat and appropriate. Otherwise, you may find that people remember the sore spot rather than you or anything you said.  

One accessory not to be overlooked is good posture. Your clothes will look better if your posture does. .




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