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The fact that a particular style is in fashion does not mean that we need to accept it. Why then, are so many people so gullible when it comes to fashion?



The need to be accepted. It is only natural to want to be accepted by others. The fashion industry cashes in on this desire by creating a false standard of what is in vogue and what is beautiful. Every season new fads come out and are promoted by stars or beautiful models in an attempt to get you to believe that what they are wearing is  in vogue or in style. These models    and stars are so gorgeous that it really does not matter what style they wear,  it all looks good on them. But you need to ask yourself, Would this style really look good on me or would it really suit me?

Check out your closet before going to the store. With all of this good advice, can we go shopping now? Not just yet, first you need to go directly to your closet. We are going to sort through it to see what you have got and maybe to see if you can combine  a new outfit from your existing clothes.  Did you know that you can make 48 different outfits from just 12 articles of clothes? 

                               Just think of how                                   much money you                                   would save with 48                                 new outfits. 


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Discoveryou.biz does not endorse any particular viewpoint about fashion. Each individual should carefully make his own decision about what he will wear.